Our story...


this ! is my grandfather giovini, we all call him Geogo. This person taught me everything, how to assemble a bulb, create an electrical circuit, the design of lamp ... everything, but Geogo taught me especially his passion for lighting.

Finally it is in 2014 that Art Vizion is born. In order to provide you with unique and modern quality works in order to help you improve your daily life and illuminate your home from the inside and the outside.

I Nicolo and my grandfather Giovani are of Italian origin, and we are from London.

We strive to provide you with the best customer service experience possible. We will meet your requirements, we will provide you with the best specialists to support and advise you. We are always looking to provide solutions that result in happy and lasting customers.

You will love the innovative products we offer... we choose our models with care. Manufacturing is continually under development, change and verification. So you can buy with confidence from our store.

We know you'll love our products - making a difference in the quality of our customers' lives is what drives us to do what we do!

Thank you for the chance to serve you!

Geogo & Nicolo-